Thom Britton

Job in the Danger Circus:

Fire eater, glass walker, freak.

Favorite part of "The Danger Circus Company:"

As a mediocre juggler, there is nothing more thrilling than watching Chuck Clark on a 6 foot unicycle, throwing clubs under his legs.

What Fringe act are you most excited about?

Thom Britton, working with a lighting designer at the Lincoln Loft Theater.

Kayla Lane Freeman and Sara Faye Richmond: "Ankle Boots II: Absurd(er) Miniature(er)"
I have seen both of these women perform a lot. Especially Sara. Sara and I go to the same theatrical open mic on Saturdays AND they won 'Best Of' last year! How could I not go see them?

What is the most exciting part about performing in Chicago Fringe Festival?

I moved to Chicago 10 years ago. I've spent a lot of time "on the other side of the footlights" as an audience member. I attend Abbey Hoffman Festival, other Fringes and theater performances all the time. I think I'm equally excited to perform for my friends, but I also can't wait to see shows and just live in a theater for 10 full days.