Keri Kazz

Job in the Danger Circus:

Manipulating Reality, Playing dangerous Games, Magician.

Favorite part of "The Danger Circus Company:"

Sharing the stage with 2 other hardcore, unique performers. Who bring it night after night… then watching the audience reactions during Thom “The Freak’s” demonstrations

What Fringe act are you most excited about?

Hole Punch Productions' Hey 90’s Kids…You’re old! To me this show just seems right up my alley…well…I am a 90’s kid. It’s something not only I can relate too… but a lot of stuff I used to enjoy. Well, and still enjoy!

Keri Kazz performing in Guiyang, China.

What is the most exciting part about performing in Chicago Fringe Festival?

Every one I talk to about this festival has said NOTHING but amazing things. They seem to have a great following. I love the Chicago theatre community and being from Detroit, Im super excited to be involved in such of a welcoming community.