Chuck Clark

Job in the Danger Circus:

Juggler, unicyclist, circus artist, and giving the other members a hard time. 

Favorite part of "The Danger Circus Company:"

 Just being able to perform with two other performers with such a different skill set, so our show becomes one of the most variety filled hour long shows I've seen on the market. 

What Fringe act are you most excited about?

For me I'd say either Laura Pazuchowski or Fool Sized Theatre.

Laura because it has been a few years since I've ran into her - so that's always exciting; to meet up with people you haven't seen in a long time. To get a chance to see how they're doing and also see the new things they are working on or have achieved.

Chuck Clark, spends a lot of hours with a lot of different props - writing and perfecting his act.

Fool sized because I love seeing people bringing back older forms of entertainment like a Punch & Judy show while having a more modern take on it. With all the different forms of live entertainment that existed, for any of them to die off,  seems like a shame so it's great when people bring older forms back to life. 

What is the most exciting part about performing in Chicago Fringe Festival?

Same thing as any other show for me - an audience.

I love having responsive crowds to perform for and watch what I and the other members of Danger Circus are capable of.

Its a great feeling after you put on a performance and know, that even if it was just for that group of people, the untold hours and years of practice, was worth it when they come up and tell me how great of a time they had at the show.