There are a LOT of social coupon sites on the internet, and now you can attract 1000s of customers with no cost to your restaurant at all!

Your restaurant can't afford to discount a meal up to 75%

How do you benefit from the HUGE database of these online coupon sites without giving away the house? You bring in a popular show, of course!

By letting the ticket price to the show be the lead, you can now offer patrons a discount that makes sense for YOUR company - or, no discount at all. It is in your control.

Here's how it works:

Almost half a million customer views! You want these numbers, you NEED these numbers.

Almost half a million customer views!
You want these numbers, you NEED these numbers.

The Danger Circus has a relationship with Groupon (who now owns LivingSocial.) We set up a show in your private room and list the ticket price at 50% off the regular price. The Danger Circus handles all presales and POS tickets on the night of the show. You do nothing!

Groupon (or any other site) shows your ad to about 500,000 prospective customers and tickets are sold.


The night of the show your private room fills with theater patrons and bargain hunters ready to be entertained. Would you like to offer a drink special? How about a prix fixe menu? Buffet? It is 100% up to you. Don't give away your food and service to gain new customer traffic. Let us do it for you!



  1. You can finally benefit from the HUGE database of possible customers held by Groupon, LivingSocial, etc.... WITHOUT giving a HUGE discount.
  2. Turn-key operation. The Danger Circus needs only a private room of any size. We have lights, a stage, a successful show and all the advertising you'll ever need.
  3. You can offer bargain hunters a discount on food or drink - or don't! Drink specials, dessert specials or buffets are great money makers, when YOU control the bargain - you win!

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