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Stay safe!
— Jason Calacanis
I LOVE Danger Circus
— Leo Laporte
A great show!
— Nick Digilio, WGN Radio
I have never laughed and been stunned at the same time until I saw The Danger Circus
— Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus


... a knife-juggling, fire-eating, glass-walking, chainsaw-filled night on the town
— Nick Digilio, WGN Radio
Well, after many years of dedication Danger Circus have more people wanting to see the show than they can accommodate.
— Clay Mabbit, Sold Out Shows
In this interview, Thom Britton talks about The Danger Circus. He talks marketing, publicity, working with agents, and a great deal of other related topics.
— Kris Sheppard
Keri Kazz talks about being mentored by Franz Harary, The House of Magic, and then working with Thom Britton and Chuck Clark in creating The Danger Circus.
— Kris Sheppard
Your promoting is WAY BETTER than any other artist
— Jake Scruggs, Are You Famous, Yet?

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