Modern Vaudeville Show Danger Circus Announces An Exciting Show For XXXXXX

Many have memories of a fun time at the circus as children, but the thought of it holding their attention as adults seems slim. Think again. The Danger Circus is a modern vaudeville show that pushes circus acts to the extreme. Scheduled to appear at the XXXXXXXXXXXX, anticipation surrounding their appearance is high.

Time & Price

Fire eating, knife juggling, glass walking, impossible escapes, plus illusion and sketch comedy. The modern vaudeville show Danger Circus delivers all this and more. Consisting of an extreme juggler, a mad scientist and a magician, Danger Circus delivers just over an hour show designed to catch small halls and colleges on fire with energy. Recently, the circus announced they will be appearing at VENUE and will be turning the space into a Vaudeville style theater. The response to the news of their appearance has been wildly enthusiastic.

“We couldn't be more excited about appearing in CITY NAME,” commented Thom, the Mad Scientist of the Danger Circus. “It's just the type of crowd we love most. We have done a show in that area every year, since our very first shows. Expect us to bring our A- game - chainsaw and all. It's not a show that should be missed.”

Tickets for the performances are only $price each.
Reviews of Danger Circus' work have been extremely passionate.

Nick Digilio, from WGN Radio, recently described the performance as, “... a knife-juggling, fire- eating, glass-walking, chainsaw-filled night on the town!”

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