Penn State

Expected audience: 15
Actual audience: FULL - STANDING ROOM ONLY

Harrisburg, PA

I have NEVER seen a crowd this big!
— Becca, Penn State Harrisburg
Every Freshman NEEDS to experience your show!
— Toni, Penn State Harrisburg

SUNY Jamestown

Expected audience: 50
Actual audience: over 100

We laughed, we bit our nails to nubs, and we were blown away.

Lake Forest College

FULL - Standing Room ONLY!

Great show, can’t wait to book another date.
— Lake Forest College

Abbie Hoffman Fest in Chicago

Standing Room ONLY!

Abbie Fest 2016 features the Danger Circus, an exciting demonstration of juggling, magic and escape that is not to be missed.
— Showbiz Chicago


"The largest attendence for an adult program EVER!"

380 PEOPLE. 180 SEATS.

Laurel County Library Theater

You guys were a BIG HIT. I saw nothing but positive comments. Susan and I appreciate so much the professional manner you have displayed from the first contact call to the final minutes of the performance. You delivered just what you promised — an exciting, fun, educational, and comedic night of entertainment.
— Gwen, Laurel County Library

Cirque Amongus

SOLD OUT on several occasions.
Livonia, MI


The Danger Circus has performed SOLD OUT shows at these locations:

The Lincoln Loft (3 weeks)
Museum of Science & Industry (Fasting selling show ever!)
Nebbia Gallery (6 weeks)
Space Club Theater (3 weeks)
No Exit Theater (all 3 shows)
Emerald Theater (1600 seats)
Cirque Amongus (on multiple occasions)
Crowd Theater (9 weeks)
O'Halloran's Pub Theater (125% sold)
Laurel County Library Theater (over 200% sold)


The students LOVED the show.
— John, SUNY Delhi
The show was performed in front of our LARGEST crowd ever!
— Jeff Nelson, Lincoln College
We met The Danger Circus tonight and it was full of tricks and action that kept you on the edge of your seat.
We laughed, we bit our nails to nubs, and we were blown away.
A wonderful show tonight, and definitely an act to watch for in the future!
— Suny JCC
Once again thank you for a great show today! Our students absolutely loved the program.

Not only were you all entertaining but students also commented on how they enjoyed the history lessons you provided.

It was a pleasure working with you. I would recommend your show to everyone!
— Jackie W-Piatt, Penn State Wilkes-Barre
Great show last night, thanks for coming to Penn State Lehigh Valley!

The Danger Circus! Awesome show! Definitely should check them out!!

Great performance by The Danger Circus Company!

Wonderful performance by The Danger Circus! I had an amazing time watching some wonderful guys! <3

The Danger Circus was amazing! Definitely an act to follow! If you haven’t seen them I highly recommend it! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I really enjoyed this event. The history and acts both held my attentions. They were AWESOME!

Enjoyed the history of the Freak Show, learned the history of Juggling by priests and priestess, and learned about Hardine and Houdini!

UNIQUE SHOW! Very Entertaining!
— Various Students