The Danger Circus presents a thrilling stage show that features fire eating, glass walking and their unique blend of insanity and comedy.
The Danger Circus is the most popular stage show in the college market and one of the top acts in theaters around the countyr.
You do NOT want to miss this show!

I have never laughed and been stunned at the same time until I saw The Danger Circus.
— Jim Rose of the Jim Rose Circus
Your act is one the local kids still talk about, and I’m serious when I say we want you guys back.
— The Arlee Theater
SOLD OUT for 3 weeks!
— The Lincoln Loft Theater
Great show, can’t wait to book another date.
— Lake Forest College
I would recommend your show to everyone!
— Penn State
The show was performed in front of our LARGEST crowd ever!
— Jeff Nelson, Lincoln College
A great show tonight!
— International Museum of Surgical Science
A knife-juggling, fire-eating, glass-walking, chainsaw-filled night on the town.
— Nick Digilio, WGN Radio